Health for IT Professionals, Part A


HIT100 Price: AU 150

IT Professionals who are new to or proposing to enter the
health sector.








Target Audience

IT Professionals who are new to or proposing to enter the health sector.

Recommended pre-requisites


Course description

Health is like any other industry – it has things in common with others and it has its idiosyncrasies – and the latter are important to productivity and success in the health industry.

If you want to be productive quickly in Health, you need to know the idiosyncrasies. This course is designed to reduce the time it takes for IT professionals to get to know and become fully productive in Health. It provides a competency-based orientation to the sector.

This Course is one of two Parts. It assumes a sound understanding of information and digital technologies, but little prior knowledge of health.

Learning Objectives

Having successfully completed the two Parts of this Course, IT professionals will be able to:

  1. Understand a broad range of healthcare environments and their implications for digitisation projects.
  2. Apply situational awareness to the identification of and responses to health stakeholder needs.
  3. Understand health care’s path to digitisation, its current state and a range of future scenarios.
  4. Understand the range of information systems commonly used in healthcare, their architectures and associated issues.
  5. Understand health professional roles and use the language of healthcare.
  6. Understand clinician and patient behaviors and recognise their IT implications.
  7. Understand and know how to manage the complexities and idiosyncrasies of health care, in particular in relation to change and risk.
  8. Identify and deal with a range of key challenges associated with health IT.


Module 1 – Introduction;  Health and biomedical informatics
Module 2 – What is health?; Health’s idiosyncrasies
Module 3 – Health and biology ; Health professionals
Module 4 – Factors relating to health; Public and population health
Module 5 – Health systems
Module 6 – Models of care
Module 7 – Digitisation in health
Module 8 – Clinical information systems
Module 9 – Clinical decision-making and evidence-based practice
Module 10 – Socio-technical complexity
Module 11 – Health data
Module 12 – Course review
Module 13 – Quiz and close